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Subject: RE: XML based Manifests vs Multi-part-related MIME encoding of multi-part messages

At 03:28 PM 3/12/00 -0600, Dick Brooks (E) wrote:
>The ebXML group has not made a final decision as to packaging/enveloping
>standards, the current proposal is based on multipart/form-data.
>If you would like my personal opinion, I believe a single ebXML packaging
>standard for use on all transports is desireable, provided it's feasible.
>Any others have an opinion on this?

I agree, but I thought that a single envelope definition for all transports 
was implied.

I would prefer to use the XML based manifests used, but both _could_ be 
allowed.  We would just need to set a header in HTTP or SMTP like:

manifest-type: mime/type

... and some sort of emulation of headers in other transports such as FTP.


Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global Technologies
Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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