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Subject: RE: XML based Manifests vs Multi-part-related MIME encoding of mu lti-part messages

>Email by Kit Leuder ...
>Benefits of MIME envelope:
>  - If you are using e-mail, it falls out automatically.
>  - If you want to parse the header but don't want to parse the body
>(content), XML parsers aren't able to arbitrarily stop in the middle of
>a document. (e.g., if you have an ebXML envelope around a huge document
>content and don't want the overhead of parsing the whole thing.) MIME
>allows the header to be a separate attachment from the body, so they can
>be parsed separately.

XML Parser's can't stop in the middle of a document?  If it is event based, 
it can.  I stop dead in the middle of a parse quite often using expat, I am 
sure a SAX parser would allow this is well.  You just kill the parser 
object when you have seen what you want to see.


Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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