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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: How to Unsubscribe

Title: RFA Custom
Below are instructions to unsubscribe.
Rachel Foerster
> Welcome to the ebxml-transport mailing list!
> Please save this message for future reference. Thank you.
> If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
> you can send mail to <majordomo@lists.oasis-open.org> with
> the following
> command in the body of your email message:
> unsubscribe ebxml-transport
> or from another account, besides <your email address>:
> unsubscribe ebxml-architecture <your email address>
> If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list,
> (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the
> list itself) send email to
> <owner-ebxml-transport@lists.oasis-open.org> .
> This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need
> to contact a human.

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