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Subject: Invitation to comment on OMG's XML support

Hello ebXML T&P folk,

I've been pretty quiet on the header discussions because, at the 
moment, OMG doesn't have any direct support for XML in CORBA (well,
that's been all the way through our process and been approved). 

However, we are working on a specification called XML/value.  So 
that CORBA can provide meaningful XML support for the ebXML work, 
I would like to invite ebXML participants to review and comment 
on this specification.  Your comments will help ensure that there 
will be commercially supported CORBA products on the market which 
reflect the current ebXML work in an object oriented transport service.

The specifications, there are currently 4 submissions (which will 
undoubtedly evolve as they work their way through the OMG process, 
see http://www.omg.org/techprocess/faq_process.html for an example 
of how this works) are at 

As not all ebXML folk are OMG members, to get around a slight 
procedural problem, could I ask that comments from non-members 
be sent to me and I'll put them into the process.  OMG members 
can, of course, submit comments directly (well, you might want to 
coordinate with the person in your company who is the prinicple 
participant in OMG :-)

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

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