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Subject: Conference Call details 3/17

The ebXML Packaging conference call has been set:

When: Friday, 3/17
Time: 11:00 AM CENTRAL time
Duration: 1 hour
Tel:  303-248-0017
Passcode: 6219779

Recognizing that Rik has asked for a strawman vote on a "Packaging Proposal"
at next weeks conference call we must reach closure on our proposal. Given
the short timeframe, I propose the following goals/objectives for the 3/17

1. Reach consensus on the technology used for packaging
2. Define skeleton of the proposal
3. Assign responsibilities for proposal creation
4. Set timelines/milestones for creating proposal

Here is a list of some topics to be discussed (others are welcome):
- Type of packaging to propose XML or MIME
- Identify major factors affecting our selection
- Discussion of structure (what type of outer wrappers to support)
- Number of body parts (or namespaces) used to represent headers and payload
- Decide which examples will be used to demonstrate intended use of the
- Skeleton of proposal document (this is just a starting point)

	- List of candidate technologies
	- Analysis of candidate technologies (describe critical factors affecting
our decision)
	- Define recommended solution (how we intend to use the technology)
	- Examples demonstrating the proposed solution
	- Support for future technologies

If you would like to see something added/changed/deleted from the
agenda/topics please be prepared to discuss
during the con-call.


Dick Brooks

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