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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: Meeting minutes 3/23


David Burdett
Ian Jones
John Ibbotson
Nick Kassem
Dale Moberg
Nikola Stojanovic
Prasad Yendluri
Chris Ferris
Bob Miller
Dwight Arthur
Kit Leuder
Dick Brooks



There was a discussion about the number of documents used to contain the
ebXML Transport, Routing and Protocol specifications. Some people discussed
the benefits of one versus two physical documents.

ACTION ITEM: Nick Kassem and David Burdett to propose a structure for the


John Ibbotson led discussion of the header specification. David Burdett
expressed the importance of being able to support separate sub-headers (or
levels). Some of these sub-headers would be static, others are dynamic and
can grow during transport (e.g. record of routing history). Some sub-headers
may be signed and must be preserved.

Ian Jones noted the problems encountered by the X.400 effort and he
suggested that ebXML try to keep the number of optional choices within
reason and these should be contained in as few documents as possible.

There was a discussion of the number of levels needed within the ebXML
header structure, some people felt that 4 levels were excessive and some
convergence of levels might be in order.

ACTION ITEM: John Ibbotson asked the group of people who provided the
initial specifications used to develop the ebXML header recommendation to
perform a GAP analysis and publish the results to the ebXML list. The main
goal is to identify any "missing functionality" that should be considered
for inclusion into the ebXML specification. Additionally, it was suggested
that it would be beneficial to correlate individual header fields to their
ebXML equivalent as part of the GAP analysis.

ACTION ITEM: John Ibbotson agreed to collect the GAP analysis documents and
make appropriate changes to the ebXML specification.

ACTION ITEM: Nickola agreed to cross check ebXML headers against the ebXML
requirements document.


The packaging sub-group held a conference call on 3/17. The group prepared a
list of requirements which was used to assess XML and MIME as packaging
solutions. The group consensus was that MIME was better able to meet the
requirements and XML should be reviewed at a later date.

Dale Moberg suggested that the latest draft (2/25) of XML schema has more
capabilities than previous drafts, however it still falls short of meeting
all the requirements identified for ebXML. Dale recommended that the group
continue to monitor the progress of XML schema and the packaging
recommendation document should include an analysis clearly showing where
current XML capabilities failed to meet requirements. It was suggested that
the packaging groups list of requirements and analysis be presented to the
w3c for consideration in future XML specifications.

ACTION ITEM: Rik Drummond, could you liase with the w3c on the requirements
and analysis of XML once completed by the packaging sub-group.

There was a brief discussion of the differences between multipart/related
and multipart/mixed. There was a suggestion to  ask RosettaNet why
multipart/related was chosen over multipart/mixed.

ACTION ITEM: Dick Brooks agreed to ask Prasad Yendluri this question.

ACTION ITEM: Packaging sub-group will proceed to develop a recommendation to
be voted on at the Dallas meeting.

The group consensus seemed to support the packaging sub-groups
recommendation to use MIME enveloping with multipart/related as the
preferred packaging approach.


Nick Kassem described the current plans to build a prototype to demonstrate
two business processes between two business entities. The thrust of the
prototype is to demonstrate the use of ebXML packaging and headers to
exchange XML and non-XML payloads. The prototype will include:
- intermediary gateway function between HTTP and SMTP
- positive acknowledgements

The prototype will NOT include:
- signature/encryption
- fragmentation and reassembly

ACTION ITEM: Nick Kassem will post the use case to be used in the prototype
to the TR&P listserv

ACTION ITEM: Nick Kassem will define the scope and timeframes for the

ACTION ITEM: Nick Kassem and Dale Moberg to discuss prototype scope offline

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