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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: The specs we need to produce

The following is a list of candidate specifications for us to produce.

Nick Kassem and I couldn't completely agree so our areas of difference are
highlighted by various editor notes, but rather than resolve differences
(which are small) we agreed to send it out as is. We propose that we discuss
these differences in the F2F next week.

Details follow ...

*	ebXML Messaging Overview - describes the relationship between the
various ebXML specifications described below and how they must be used
together in a compliant way
*	ebXML Message Header Specification - this specification,<EdNote>
Also will define Document Exchange templates that describe how we handle
requests, responses, message acks, cancel, error, etc and include state
diagrams for each end.</EdNote>
*	ebXML MIME Message Envelope Specification - how to wrap header's and
bodies in a MIME wrapper
*	ebXML XML Message Envelope Specification how to wrap headers and
bodies in XML
*	<EdNote>Nick & I couldn't agree if the MIME and XML specs should be
one document or two. </EdNote>
*	ebXML Reliable Messaging Specification - how to achieve robust
reliable once-only delivery of message in a vendor neutral, transport
independent way <EdNote>Nick & I couldn't agree if this should include being
proactive in efforts to recover from failure </EdNote>
*	ebXML Messaging Transport Protocol Supplement contains two sections:
*	ebXML Messaging over HTTP Specification - how to send ebXML Messages
using HTTP or HTTPS
*	ebXML Messaging over SMTP Specification - how to send ebXML Messages
using SMTP
*	supplements for for other protocols are contained in separate
*	ebXML Messaging Security and Signature Specification - this will
*	how to use S/MIME with ebXML Messages
*	how to use PGP with ebXML Messages
*	how to use IETF/W3C XML Digital Signatures with ebXML Messages
*	ebXML Common Transactions contains specifications of commonly used
transactions that are applicable to many situations
*	ebXML Transaction Status Inquiry Specification - how to inquire on
the current status of a transaction
*	ebXML Service Availability Specification - how to determine if a
Service is up and running
*	ebXML Messaging Discovery Specification - how to determine the
parameters associated with a Service from the ebXML Messaging perspective.
*	ebXML Publish & Subscribe Specification - how to do Publish and
Subscribe securely using any of the above<EdNote>Nick & I couldn't agree if
this is in or out of scope for ebXML</EdNote>
*	ebXML Messaging Audit Trail Specification - how to use ebXML to
create audit trails of the messages exchanged during a transaction.

Advanced Technology, CommerceOne
4400 Rosewood Drive 3rd Fl, Bldg 4, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA
Tel: +1 (925) 520 4422 or +1 (650) 623 2888; 
mailto:david.burdett@commerceone.com; Web: http://www.commerceone.com

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