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Subject: Transport Definitions

Hello David,

The draft on Transport definitions is pretty clean. Here are a few remarks
or questions.

1- Wrapper or envelope? One can think of a plastic wrapper over an
but it is not that frequent, so the analogy is not
as evocative as it could be. Indeed, the data associated in 1.2.2 with the
envelope seem rather to be what is written on an
envelope, and is called "header" in email. Why not call it header instead
envelope, and keep this last term to replace
wrapper? It would make the technical vocabulary easier to understand since
it would sound more like the mental model of
traditional postal service.

2- In 1.2, does the "in a digital form" in the definition of document
excludes that it can be on paper support? If not, make it
clear in the examples by adding "a paper receipt" (sent by postal service)
and referred to in a message.

3- Would it be out of scope to add to the definition of Party (1.2.1) "and
act as a legal entity, in the name of a person or moral

4- In 1.2.2, the examples of information : item 3, to bind the specified
data; item 4, add that each document can have one or
more signatures?

5- In 1.2.3, is a Message Manifest something that is signed, is it the
reason for using the Manifest word? The title of 1.2.3 could
be Message Body, since it is more inclusive there than what was said before
in 1.2.2. But it is indeed the body of the message
in conventional terms that is listed there, and it is out of this list that
something miust be signed, only the manifest or everything
in the body.

6- In 1.3.4, dependencies among Sub-services could possibly follow a little
more closely the terminology of the Workflow
Management Coalition : http://www.aiim.org/wfmc/mainframe.htm

Richard Parent

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