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Subject: Fwd: IETF draft on appropriate uses of HTTP

I'm forwarding this for those of you in Brussels and may 
not see it until you get home.  I think it supports the 
case for the use of MIME for ebXML as the TPR WG is 

How is the Packaging spec fairing?  Also, has SOAP been 
added the agenda with the Sun announcement that it will 
support SOAP 1.1?  The article I saw this morning said 
it would be added to the agenda and I was wondering if 
it had.

Best regards,
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>Subject: IETF draft on appropriate uses of HTTP
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>If you didn't see this on XML-Dev, it's probably worth a look:
>(There's also a predecessor at:
>The implications for HTTP-based protocols as they exist right now are well
>worth considering...
>Simon St.Laurent
>XML Elements of Style / XML: A Primer, 2nd Ed.
>Building XML Applications
>Inside XML DTDs: Scientific and Technical
>Cookies / Sharing Bandwidth

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