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Subject: RE: smbxml.org anyone see this?

Christopher Ferris said on the transport list,
> Looks like we have competition. This should be investigated.
> http://www.smbxml.org/
> "SMBXML: An Open Standard for Small to Medium sized Businesses

SMBXML is an important development in the small and medium 
business integration market.  However, it doesn't have much 
to do with ebXML transport; it's a minimalist vocabulary for
conversations between the modules of a small business accounting
systems.  Commercial XML middleware, EAIs, and MQs will probably 
do most of the XML transaction transport on the internet, anyway, 

I have written two pages on my website about SMBXML, and 3 others
about the problem of XML integration between BSPs, for context.
Pardon my turgid style, and please let me know any comments
or corrections.


* Todd F. Boyle CPA    http://www.GLDialtone.com/
* tboyle@rosehill.net    Kirkland WA    (425) 827-3107
* XML accounting, WebLedgers, ASPs, GL dialtone, whatever it takes

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