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Subject: Of Bank Tellers...


The 'mail room' model I understand and the use of MIME in the
context of supporting low-tech interfaces.

However, this is not my interchange model (or not the one I'm
wanting to use), so has any thought been given to the 
'bank teller' model?  If so - what's the schedule, and current
executive strategy?

Even though I'm calling it 'bank teller' don;t get misled - I'm
seeing this primarily as a point-of-service for secure 
information interchange - not a money transaction model.

Here's what I define properties of the bank teller model and 
consequently how it differs from the 'mail room'.

1) Face-to-face service in real time.

2) Provision of service items, not just exchange of 'packages'.

3) Channels - ie. depending on who I am, I get to do/see/go to
     different things.

4) Safe deposit model 

5) Sets of actors - employees, customers, new customers, 
      trusted third parties (Brink et al).

6) Direct connection via internet - 
     i.e. http - server/server and client/server query response model.

Now I realize that electronic money transfers are already 
covered by OTP and SWIFT - supplemental question - 
instead of re-inventing that wheel, do we just endorse OTP for 

OK - just to help clarify this further here's the sort of  XML 
interchange model I'm after seeing for this bank teller model,
where you have some Access authnetication and Verb (what do I
want to do / service to provide?), then some Input criteria, and
optionally some Output criteria.   Both Input and Output may have
a schema associated with them, and or, a driver process script.
(simple URL suffices here to point to appropriate item).

Thanks, DW.
================== Example XML =====================
<!ELEMENT TellerXML (Access?, Input, Output)>
        mode CDATA #REQUIRED
        lang CDATA #IMPLIED
<!ELEMENT Access (Auth?, Channel?, Action+)>
        userid CDATA #IMPLIED
        passwd CDATA #IMPLIED
        session CDATA #IMPLIED
<!ATTLIST Channel
        name CDATA #IMPLIED
        code CDATA #IMPLIED
<!ATTLIST Action
        verb CDATA #REQUIRED
        noun CDATA #REQUIRED

<!ENTITY % in_schema "#PCDATA">

<!ELEMENT Input (Schema?, Content?)>
<!ELEMENT Content (%in_schema;)>
<!ELEMENT Output (Schema?, PostProcess?)>
<!ELEMENT PostProcess (#PCDATA)>


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