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Subject: Informal Meeting Minutes from ebXML TR&P con-call of 6/15

No role call was taken.

There will be a meeting in Boston on July 11 and 12 to discuss and, hopefully,
resolve open issues within the packaging and header specs. Work will also begin
on other specs including the Reliable Messaging  and Security specs.

Ian Jones and John Ibottson will define some use cases that will be used
throughout the development of specifications and the prototype.

Several concerns were raised:
  - the lack of "activity" on the e-mail list
  - No feedback to the specs
  - Why it's taking so long to make the TR&P specs publicly available on the
ebXML web server.  John Ibottson agreed to send Bob Sutor a message requesting
administrative assistance to resolve this issue.

There was a request to synchronize the prototype with the specs. Chris Ferris
will contact Nick Kassem, the prototype czar, to discuss this.

The TR&P group agreed to appoint a co-chairman to assist the chairman and
fill-in during the chairman's  absence.  Dick Brooks nominated Chris Ferris, the
nomination was seconded and the vote was unanimous. Thanks to Chris for
accepting this important role and responsibility.

 Respectfully submitted by

Dick Brooks

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