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Subject: Re: FW: Call for Review: XML Protocol Activity Proposal

At 03:06 PM 7/23/00 -0400, Marc Breissinger wrote:
>Looks like W3C has made their protocol efforts official.  We'll need to
>figure out how to approach this effort.

Nope, not official yet.  It's just being reviewed by the advisory committee.
It'll become official if it survives the AC vote, though I assume it will.
was just the email requesting the vote and amendment proposals.

There is a large and strong contingent within the W3C that wants to make
the W3C protocol look as much like SOAP as possible.  But my guess is
that when all is said and done, we'll have yet another transport protocol.

I wouldn't expect to see a public draft for nine months to a year (the W3C
has a member-exclusive confidentiality requirement).  Since no one can
afford to wait that long, we'll surely have multiple protocols out in force.


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