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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: Re: Some feedback on Packaging v0-6

At 04:41 PM 8/4/00 -0400, Christopher Ferris wrote:
>> 2)  The spec doesnít directly state whether the header MIME part must occur
>> as the first MIME part.  Although it does appear this way in the
>> illustration, itís not clear whether the illustration is just intended to
>> exemplify an ebXML message.  Since the Content-ID identifies the header,
>> strictly speaking, the header need not be first.  However, there may be
>> efficiency concerns that would warrant requiring it to be first.
>Content-ID doesn't identify the header. The header is identified by
>virtue of the Content-Type of application/vnd.eb+xml.

Oh, thanks Chris, that's what I should have said.  Shows you how much I
know about MIME.

I should point out that BizTalk has the requirement that the XML envelope
occur as the "root" part of the multipart/related structure.  (See BizTalk
2.0 Section 9.1 "Multipart MIME Structure.")  I interpreted this to mean
the first MIME part.  Do we need a similar requirement?

- Joe

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