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Subject: RE: CNET.com - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft,IBM set asiderivalry to cr


I have looked at the SOAP 1.1 spec and have implemented a parser for it. The
specification is so broad except for the specification of data types.

I believe it would be trivial to put the ebXML headers in the SOAP header
and the payload in a SOAP body. The only thing this would really require
would be to define two namespaces, one for the ebXML headers and one by the
application for its payload and then use the SOAP wrapper instead of MIME.

A simple specification document like the MIME wrapper spec should take care
of the whole argument. Then we would have "ebXML over SOAP".

I know this would not meet some of the ebXML requirements (mostly that the
headers and payload are separate documents). But it would clarify the
purpose of SOAP and our position in regards to SOAP.

What do you think?

Jim McCarthy
WebXi, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dick Brooks [mailto:dick@8760.com]
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2000 6:45 PM
To: Ebxml
Subject: CNET.com - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft,IBM set
aside rivalry to cr

FYI.... I've had more than one person ask me if the Sun/IBM disagreement
would affect ebXML's chances...

This press release isn't helping matters.


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