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Subject: Re: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT orX12qualifiers

Message text written by INTERNET:gvh@progress.com
There must be something I'm missing here. Doesn't the repository contain
the TPP for the party plus message choreographies it finds acceptable
(ignoring for a second the factoring of thr two)? If the repository is
optional, where does an ebXML messaging service obtain this vital
ebXML-compliant info? Or does an ebXML message need to understand
several other flavors of this?

If that's the case, and we're not careful to establish over-the-wire
interoperability between ebXML messaging service implementations, remind
me again why we're bothering to do ebXML?

Or are you suggesting that Amazon doesn't need to be ebXML-compliant,
but ebXML providers need to interoperate with whatever they have? That
seems way outside the scope of ebXML, and into the land of vendor
support for multiple eBusiness protocols/frameworks.



Hurray!!!  Yes this is exactly my point too.  Beautifully put.

I don't want to have to hire Nick Kassem's crew of rag-tag techno-guru's
everytime I want to connect up - I want to use their brains so that anyone
can do this!  When I install my ebXML server and connect it to the
it should be able to tell the outside world who it is and what it can do


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