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Subject: RE: URN's as ID's

Message text written by David Burdett

Take a look at the URN spec (RFC 2611). Essentially the URN allows to
specify and register your own structure for a name. This means that a
company could specify a structure that allows a name at lower than the
company level. For example:



OK - that's good  - but how does this also solve the AOL example with
dynamic URN's?

Can we persuade AOL to identify small business partners on the fly?
(This has been a MAJOR goal of mine for 3 years but be warned
AOL are as deaf as a post on this - up to (and probably especially!)
VP level!!!)

Their view is that they do not have any small business users!

What a joke huh?  Just shows you that to be a multi-billion $ 
company does not mean you have to be smart!!


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