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Subject: Re: ebXML Messaging Service Layers


I believe your diagram is more of an implementation diagram than 
an architectural layering diagram.  Leaving out the repository and 
TPA for the moment, I believe we are looking at something like this:

Application Layer
----------------------- API (either real or conceptual)
ebXML Messaging Service
----------------------- Mapping to transport(s), e.g., HTTP, MQ
Transport Service(s)

I don't really understand, archtecturally, what either the "ebXML 
Application Support Layer" or the "ebXML Communications Layer" do.
I don't believe we defined these (though an implementation may well
want to build it this way).  Also, the arrow (API) from the Application 
Layer down to the ebXML Messaging Service Layer violates the idea 
of having a layered architecture (however, this is perfectly OK in 
an implementation).  

Also, I would suggest that the Security stuff shouldn't be off to 
the side, but rather be integrated into the Messaging Services Layer 
as though you're serious about security.  Ditto for the Security API.

Best regards,
At 12:31 PM 08/22/2000 -0700, David Burdett wrote:
>There has been quite a bit of discussion recently on which specs the TRP
>group should produce and how they inter-relate. To help bring this
>discussion to a conclusion, I've had a go at drafting a diagram that
>illustrates the layers and interfaces that I think we need. Please let me
>know how close to the mark you think this is.
>If we can agree on the layers, then we might be able to start defining the
>scope of the interfaces.
> <<ebXML Service Interface Layers v01.pdf>>  <<ebXML Service Interface
>Layers v01.ppt>> 
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