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Subject: RE: Revised TRP Work Plan


I don't see the activity to compare our specs against other standards (e.g.
RosettaNet) in your new plan. I've asked a number of times and Chris Ferris
also thought it would be a good idea. As  "the keeper of the plans" what do
you suggest as a process for getting new activities incorporated in to our
plans? Because, whatever it is, I want to follow it !!

PS I am really glad though that someone is keeping a plan as without it we
will never know when we're finished
PPS Deleted your name from the "To" as requested

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Hughes [mailto:jfh@fs.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2000 9:24 AM
To: ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Revised TRP Work Plan

Revised Work Plan attached, based on discussions last week. Changes:

- deleted the line for "Service API", since it is not clear that there will 
be a service interface specified in the document (and certainly not called 
an "API"!).

- moved out approval of change to Messaging Services v0-1 by one week (to 
this Thursday), with the week shift taken out of a later review of v0-3 (in 
order to still make the Tokyo meeting approval date).

- since we probably will still have work to do on the base MS document this 
week and there are some fundamental issues open for RM, I moved the 
completion date for RM v0-8 out by a week.

Other comments:

- could someone please confirm the dates for starting security work? The 
dates shown are just my guesses.

- if the various editors could either use the document revision numbers 
shown in the Work Plan, or propose alternates, it will be appreciated. We 
need to keep the Work Plan consistent with doc numbers.



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