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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: RE: TRP Error Handling Spec Draft


While architecturally, it may be considered a kludge, I like your 
"ErrorLogNetLocn" idea.  In a heterogenrous enviroment, which 
ebXML will be, it will help sort out interop problems (except for 
those companies which write perfect software -- they can set it 
to NULL).  With new versions and new players coming along, this 
could be invaluable to helping keep this all going.  

As some (most) of what is sent (exchanged) using ebXML is company 
and financial related data, there may be legal or privacy problems 
which need to be dealt with (again, perhaps with NULL).

But I do LIKE it.

Best regards,
At 02:27 PM 08/28/2000 -0700, David Burdett wrote:
>We do want to keep it simple, however the S/390 environment where everything
>was under IBM's control is different from the ebXML envronment where the
>operating environment will by much more anarchical. So let's look at some of
>the issues ...
>1. Development by many different vendors - if a vendor is not told what
>errors his software is generating he won't fix them at all or not until much
>2. Used by SME's and the mega-corporation - this means that we need a way
>for SME's to easily report their problems and get them fixed.
>We actually thought about this when developing IOTP and one of the things we
>included was an "ErrorLogNetLocn" (see below) for an extract from the spec.
>The ideas was that you could specify a URL where errors found in the
>messages sent by a company could be sent to that company so that could fix
>them. In theory, this log location should only occur during testing as all
>software as we know is bug free in production ;)
>Extract from IOTP spoec ...
>ErrorLogNetLocn	Optional. This contains the net location that Consumers
>should send IOTP Messages that contain Error Blocks with an Error Component
>with the Severity attribute set to either:
>o HardError,
>o Warning but the Consumer decides to not continue with the transaction 
>o TransientError and the transaction has subsequently timed out.
>This attribute:
>o must not be present when TradingRole is set to Consumer role,
>o must be present when TradingRole is set to Merchant, PaymentHandler or
>The content of this attribute is dependent on the Transport Mechanism see
>the Transport Mechanism Supplement.
>The ErrorLogNetLocn can be used to send error messages to the software
>company or some other Organisation responsible for fixing problems in the
>software which sent the incoming message. See section 7.21.1 Error
>Processing Guidelines for more details.
... snip ...

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