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Subject: RE: Update to comment list

I haven't removed the items we agreed to, they are just in a separate
worksheet with a label of "Action"
I also couldn't open the HTML version.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ralph Berwanger [mailto:rab7067@earthlink.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 6:28 AM
To: ebXML Transport Mailing List
Subject: Update to comment list

The attached list consists of the remaining comments for discussion
(Messaging Service Specification).  David has removed those items that were
agreed to during the last teleconference.I have updated the list with
information provided by Marty on 8/29.  His update included line references
for his comments and four additional comments that Marty said were submitted
but not included in the listing.  I have posted those comments at the end of
the list and highlighted them.  I hesitated to make these additions since we
agreed to keep any new comments off the list until this review period was
complete; however, Marty stated that they were submitted but omitted so I
thought it only fair to add them--hope there is no serious disagreement over
my action.
R. Berwanger

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