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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: RE: confusion on where to discuss trading partners

A few more comments inline


There is a use case where, the information one party holds about another is
sent in an ebXML message (see the 2nd use case in the attachment to my
email: Dated: Tue 08/22/2000 2:36 PM; Subject: Trading Partner/Party
Discovery/Agreement Use Cases). This means that there is a conflice between
1a) and 2a).
1. TRP amends the ebXML Message Header so that there are place(s) in the
document structure to either:
  a) reference a previously agreed the Trading Partner Agreement,

MWS:  In my mind, this is the existing TPAInfo and its subelements
  b) hold an actual Trading Partner Profile

MWS:  Wouldn't this just be payload for an ebXML message?

DB: No, as some of the information, particularly the ebXML Messaging Service
stuff would need to be visible to the ebXML Messaging Service Layer. So I
would put it in an additional optional "principal header" under the top
level of the ebXML Header Document.


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