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Subject: Re: Comment on section 3.3.4, Messaging Service Spec v0-1

At 10:25 AM 8/31/2000 -0700, Gordon van Huizen wrote:

>I'm also unclear as to why we would specify the transport-level QoS in
>the TPA, but specify ebXML reliability/ack-mode/whatever in the message
>header on a message-by-message basis.

With respect to the "whatever" specification, it seemed reasonable to me 
since for interoperability purposes we would require that all MS 
implementations support the "whatever" function. Having the field in the 
envelope, and set on a message-by-message basis seemed the right semantics. 
And, this was pre-TPA mentality.

However, when we add transport-level QoS that is not mandated across all MS 
implementations, this seems more of a negotiated item... or at least it 
must be discovered. If we go down the path of a (default?) TPA for every 
transmission, then certainly the "whatever" function could just as well be 
identified there also...

I suppose that for "KISS", and at this initial version of the MS spec, I'd 
err on the side of putting it in the routing header and consider moving it 
to the TPA area when we get that more firmed up.


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