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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: ebXML transport - things we have agreed on over the last nine months

Chris and I have discussed what we as a group have agreed to over the last
nine months. Those of you who are 'old' members of the group please review 
and let us know if we are wrong in our memory. You do not have
to respond if it is ok. If you have anything to add or want to make
adjustments please let Chris and I know.  

Best regards, the Team Lead couple :-) ... Rik
- no more iotp discussions
- the current ms spec is the functionality expectations of this spec. it
  should not be expanded
- reliable messaging discussion follows the release of this spec for
  comments to the ebXML community
- security is part of another spec at this time
- business process interaction with the ms system is a future discussion
  item or should take place in the process team... not here
- we will have transport binding in an appendix
- we will do a textual service interface example
- open issues on ms spec are:
         - mime format
         - character set
         - error messages
         - to / from field specification

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