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Subject: Re: Template/Guidelines for building the ebXML Delivery Matrix


Now that I have your posting about the requirements matrix, I understand
something I missed yesterday.

You are including a requirements chart for Trading Partner/Discovery.
However Trading Partner is a separate team and so I don't think it belongs
in your matrix.  There is at least an implicit requirement on the TRP team
to feed requirements into the TP team, but I am not sure that is the kind
of requirement you are documenting.

If the Overview and Requirements document is ever updated, it ought to
describe the connections to the TP team under "Relationships with Other
ebXML Activities".

If I have missed a point somewhere along the line, please let me know.



Martin W. Sachs
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
P. O. B. 704
Yorktown Hts, NY 10598
914-784-7287;  IBM tie line 863-7287
Notes address:  Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM
Internet address:  mwsachs @ us.ibm.com

Dick Brooks <dick@8760.com> on 09/08/2000 01:18:41 PM

Please respond to dick@8760.com

To:   Ebxml <ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org>
cc:   Rik Drummond <drummond@onramp.net>, Chris Ferris
      <chris.ferris@east.sun.com>, Dick Brooks <dick@8760.com>
Subject:  Template/Guidelines for building the ebXML Delivery Matrix

Sorry I couldn't get this out yesterday, my real job interfered with my

This message is in response to yesterdays conference call where I agreed to
coordinate development of a delivery matrix.
This message contains the following sections:

- Purpose/Goals, describes why we are creating the delivery matrix
- Guidelines, provides some procedural/process advice to those responsible
for creating the delivery matrix
- Template, format of the delivery matrix document (MS Word attachment)


Throughout the design of ebXML's Messaging Service, debates have arisen
WHAT we are building (i.e. SCOPE of ebXML MS). The ebXML TR&P requirements
document is very broad and the problem space we're addressing has some
complex problems. It's important, for the success of ebXML, to provide a
Messaging Service solution that is useful for a majority of the current and
anticipated B2B business needs, "out of the gate", while also serving as a
foundation for future expansion to address the more complex B2B scenarios.

A delivery matrix clearly identifies the functional requirements (scope) of
WHAT is being built. The matrix consists of three phases:

Phase 1 - Identifies functional requirements of a Messaging Service that
meets the needs of a significant number of B2B scenarios

Phase 2 - Identifies functional requirements of a Messaging Service that
meets the needs of more complex B2B scenarios and may include optimizations
or improvements to the Phase 1 deliverable

Phase 3 - Identifies functional requirements of a Messaging Service that
meets the needs of the most complicated B2B scenarios and may include
optimizations or improvements to the phase 2 deliverable

Each phase will have a set of use cases to define the SCOPE of the problem
space being addressed. The delivery matrix serves as a guide for all design
and development efforts. Design/development teams should use the matrix to
decide if discussions, requirements, features are in or out of scope for
particular phase.

I'm hoping to have a first draft of the delivery matrix available for
by Monday evening, 9/11. I'm a firm believer that the parameters define the
deliverable. That means I don't expect everyone to have a Cadillac on
Monday. This is a starting point and we can expand as far as we want after
Monday, this first draft is intended to stimulate discussion and focus
everyone's attention on defining (and agreeing on) the scope of each phase.

The following people volunteered to assist in creating the delivery matrix:

- Jim Hughes, Reliability
- Marty Sacks, Trading Partner/Discovery
- David Burdett, Error handling
- Chris Ferris, Core functionality
- Gordon van Huizen, Service Interface
- Dick Brooks, Transport/packaging
- Dick Brooks, Miscellaneous
- Dick Brooks, use cases for each phase

I'm asking each of the people above to provide me with their delivery
by Monday, 9/11, at 5:00 Eastern time so that I can consolidate the
information and deliver a complete document to the group for review on
Monday evening.


I suggest that each individual use the current Requirements and Overview
Spec to identify the requirements to be placed in the delivery matrix. If a
requirement belongs in all 3 phases place it in each phase and provide
comments describing the "scope" of each. Please include a reference to the
R&O spec (page no.) when placing a requirement in the delivery matrix. Any
time you feel it necessary to qualify a requirement in the delivery matrix
please do so under the column titled COMMENTS, for example:

A requirement of "must be reliable" under phase 1 should specify WHAT is
meant by reliable. In other words, bound the scope of each requirement
relative to the phase it appears in. The reliability requirements of phase
are very different from those of phase 3. Use the comments column to
describe the "scope".

If you place a requirement in the delivery matrix that is not contained in
the R&O spec please provide a reference to indicate where it came from
with some qualifying remarks in the comments column.

DON'T try to build a Cadillac, we only have until Monday at 5:00 to produce
the first draft, nobody is expecting perfection.
This is a starting point, it will evolve.

When complete the delivery matrix will serve as a tool to help the team
focus discussions AND serve as an arbitrator for resolving conflicts
to scope.

I'm also including my cell phone (205-281-7647) if anyone needs to contact
me over the weekend.

Thanks to all who offered their valuable time to assist in this effort.

Dick Brooks
Group 8760
110 12th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Fax: 205-250-8057

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