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Subject: comments on v0.2 MS spec


Eve Maler (a Sun member of QR team) has reviewed the MS 0.2 spec 
and offers the following comments/edits. (Thanks Eve!) I have taken 
the liberty to translate the line numbers (and in certain cases, the 
comment) to 0.21 so that we can focus on that as our base-line for subsequent



line	category	comment
----	--------	-------------------------------
160	1		version 0.2 had the adjective "conditional"
			version 0.21 omits that adjective. Clearly,
			it is conditional because not all communication
			protocols have one. Thus, we need to rephrase
			this and we need to elaborate on what makes it
			(the outer Transport Envelope) "conditional" (whether the
			communication protocol requires or adds one)

194	1		can't reference [XMLMedia] as normative (yet)
			(CBF: should add non-normative reference section)

212/3	1		definition of Content-Length is ambigous
245/6			(CBF: I tried to find a definitive RFC which 
			specifies how Content-Length is to be calculated,
			but came up dry... anyone have a reference we
			can cite?)

260	1		change 'encoding attribute' to 'encoding declaration'

337 + 357	1	suggest use of 'urn:' form instead of 'http://' for
			namespace. (CBF: this seems like a reasonable suggestion
			Suggest that TA be given the task of defining namespace
			syntax and handling. e.g. urn:ebxml.org:namespaces:messageHeader
			instead of http://www.ebxml.org/namespaces/messageHeader)

1288/1300	1	formatting is weird. remove italics.

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