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Subject: Re: [Fwd: RE: on the issue of PartyId]

Message text written by Chris Ferris
By that I mean that:

<PartyId context="duns">1234567890123</PartyId>

is the same as:




From the Registry point of view and having consistent classifications,
domains and retrieval/verification I would strongly recommend the
first form, NOT the second form.

While I like the URI/URN approach for some things (labels) -
when it comes to context based searching  - the XML compliant 
approach should be preferred (attribute/element metadata) to 
'this:that:valuething' - unless of course we want to replace 
<anglebrackets> with : delimiters and field relevance - I seem to 
remember we've done this before though - and it was called EDI 
segments or something like that?!

Thanks, DW.

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