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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: RE: [Fwd: RE: on the issue of PartyId]

Message text written by Scott Hinkelman/Austin/IBM
>since the FIXED
by definition indicates
the behaviour of the "XML Processor"  (meaning standard validating parsing
and an additional application validation logic) is to act like it was
present with
the default value if not there. Otherwise we may have to say more.

I'm getting way too Picky on this. <


Picky or not the parser sure will be picky if it is FIXED attribute - it
not allow anything else!    The DTD has to be a little more flexible to
get the behaviour set.  I'll fiddle with it over the weekend some.  DTD's
really are a messedupmucxed up beast - hard to believe that the
W3C let them out the door in the state they did <g>.

Thinking a compound block with  two optional elements, with 
different attributes is the way to go - that way the varient you
pick determines the style you are using - 

 ebXMLpartyID ( URIpartyID | partyIDref | partyIDcode )   

sort of thing.....


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