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Subject: Re: OFF TOPIC RESPONSE to Re: Reliable Messaging Spec v0-078

Dick -

In the Dallas meetings this week, Fujitsu would like to present some ideas 
about convergence between TRP and W3C/XP activities... Hopefully we can do 
it on Wednesday...


At 08:06 AM 9/25/2000 -0500, dick@8760.com wrote:
>I too have wondered if Bill Gates is receiving "news feeds" with regard to
>ebXML. I do know that several people within Microsoft are aware of ebXML, 
>one in
>particular, Satish Thatte, the BizTalk Framework 2 Architect, is well aware. I
>think Satish is a lurker on this list, so perhaps he will comment on your
>FYI - I've had e-mail exchanges over the past 6 months with Satish and David
>Turner at Microsoft regarding  interoperability and/or convergence of the two
>efforts, but there has been no progress. The next best hope for building 
>between the two initiatives will occur within the W3C XML Protocol Activity
>(W3C/XP). I'll be representing ebXML at an upcoming meeting of the W3C/XP and
>will try to keep the ebXML group as informed as possible of W3C/XP activities.
>When I was a member of the Boston Computer Society in the 1980's Bill Gates
>would personally present the next latest/greatest Microsoft technology to the
>group. I distinctly remember when Bill first presented VB to the BCS, he was
>passionate and he really believed in his products ability to change 
>forever. Bill was in touch with what people wanted and now VB is a hugely
>popular language.  To make a claim that XML is the answer for interoperability
>is a complete failure to understand the problem space - very 
>uncharacteristic of
>the Bill Gates I remember to be this far "out of touch".
>Dick Brooks

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