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Subject: MS 021c: Content-Type: multipart/related;charset clarification, please

can someone clarify me on section 7.2.1 of Messaging Service Specification V.021c?
It says that the Content-Type header for the multipart has a charset attribute, and I'm puzzled on it's use.
Why would there be a charset specification on a multipart which can contain multiple bodyparts using different encodings and charsets?
I could think of only two reasons:
1. to specify an alternate character set for the multipart header and boundary data,
2. to specify a default character set for the contained body parts.
However, RFC 2046 states (on the bottom of page 18) that all header fields and boundary delimiters are represented in 7bit US-ASCII, which rules out reason one. Furthermore, RFC 2046 states (on the bottom of page 17/top of page 18) a the default RFC 822 content-type for bodyparts with no headers.
So far, I have found that the charset attribute is applicable for text content types, but not for multiparts.
Did I miss something in the RFC's, is there some other source I did not check. Or was it put in by accident?
Thanks, Gait Boxman.

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