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Subject: re: Versioning

Message text written by George Smith
>I know I am new to the list, but I have been "forced" to get involved due
the OTA's decision to accept whatever comes out of ebXML.

I have been pushing for the OTA to accept "parsing friendly" versioning.  I
believe they have.  However, some keep referring to the "way that ebXML
it".  So...

Please find attached, my analysis on different versioning options and their
impact on different parsing techniques.  Also note that, IMO, the use of
namespaces for messaging is a BAD idea!  It does not bring sufficient value
for the pain it inflicts (bad ROI).


OTA made a decision based on expedience.

For much more mature approaches to versioning you should look at


And also look at the W3C Schema notes on versioning.

After that - the RegRep team at ebXML will be working on versioning 
support within the Registry in Tokyo.  

The 'official' ebXML line at the moment is that for release v1.0 of
ebXML dynamic versioning (realtime) via Registry will not be
implemented - instead a TPA will be used to determine version
supported 'on the wire' by TPP's.  

However - mature version support is coming - and the underpinning
and implementation strategy will be there - as to when the political
decision is made to roll this out into the actual implementation
functionality is another question.

Thanks, DW.

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