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Subject: Feedback on the MSS draft

This is the first of a series of messages providing detailed feedback on 
the 0.21 draft of the MSS (transport) draft.   It is good work, and I hope
that this feedback helps move it forward.

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get something together on this, 
but it took awhile to go through it and do the feedback.  I also realize 
that I haven't participated in very many of the discussions that went into
this document, but I have been reading the mailing list and have monitored
a couple of the calls.   Some of the feedback appears to be out of date 
now, and you have already moved on some of the issues.

My focus was on improvement for issuance as an IETF standards track 
document.   I talked over most of this with Ned Freed (primary author the 
MIME specification and current Application Area Director - IESG), to get a
good second opinion.


Steve Hole
Messaging Direct
Phone: 780-424-4922

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