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Subject: Ack Message Payload??

Stumbled upon an old issue with Acknowledgment message payload,
which we had left unresolved in San Jose ...Please ignore this message
if the issue has already been thought and resolved (of course, let me know)

What should be the payload of Acknowledgement message? 
What is the scope of these Ack messages? 
If the scope is limited to TRP layer only, then
a> Should the Ack payload generated by ebXML TRP layer be based on 
     ebXML Header of the original message only?
b> Are we going to use the Ack messages for NonRepudiation,
     in which case digest of the original message comes in picture
If the scope is Business Process, then
a> Do we have any specification for processing the incoming
     payload, or it is pretty much left to the Business Process.
     If it is up to the Business Process, then I would consider it
     as a business document which  happens to be Ack.

When I went through the payload docs for the POC, it is apparent
that the Ack Message and the Acceptance messages have ditto
same payload. This just emphasizes the need of clearer definition
of the Ack message type, usage, etc. I had several Email
communications before the last POC on this topic and had to finally
agree with using RosettaNet Ack payload for demo purpose only. 

For the Tokyo POC, can we not have any payload for the Ack messages 
(which is anyway same as the Acceptance message ex. ItemCreateAck.xml
and ItemAlign.xml have same content. Same with OrderCreateAck.xml
and OrderAcceptance.xml) and leave it to TRP WG to decide.

Sanjay Patil
Work Phone: 408 350 9619

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