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Subject: Re: MSH spec


It would seem to me that there is only a conflict with
what TR&P has been calling the MS "Service Interface". The
header tags reflect what is currently specified in the
tpaML 1.0.6 DTD for ServiceInterface (the container for
a series of Actions through an ActionMenu) and Action
which has a Request and some Response/Exception tags
which define the messages sent/received.

I believe that the purpose of the ebXMLHeader tags should
be to enable the MSH and/or the BSI adaptor layer to 
correctly identify the message's context within a given
choreography. Of course, it would also need to use a
value in the Manifest which identified the type of message
in the Payload to complete the mapping.

To my thinking, the MSH Service Interface is just a
specific/specialized instance of "ServiceInterface" which is a 
generic term.

It isn't clear to me that there is a conflict.


Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM wrote:
> It occurs to me that there is a terminology problem with
> <ServiceInterface>.  I gather that the upper interface to the MSH is likely
> to be called the service interface, MSH service interface, or something
> like that.  That's in accord the way the term is used in various protocol
> stacks.  However it suggests changing the name of the tag in the MSH spec.
> I plan to raise this point in the terminology discussion in the TP-TRP
> session in Tokyo.  Whatever term we come up with should be the same in the
> TP and TRP specs.
> Regards,
> Marty
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> Internet address:  mwsachs @ us.ibm.com
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