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Subject: 11/30/2000 con-call: Outstanding issues



Chris Ferris
Dale Moberg
Ralph Berwanger
Dick Brooks
Doug Bunting
Andrew Eisenberg
David Burdett
John Ibbotson


Turnout for the call was low (8 of us dialed in for at least
part of the call). We ended up speding most of the time
coming to a near consensus regarding the test/production indicator.

We came to formal resolution on only one of the four issues.

Issue 1: I am on the hook to provide two formal proposals for addressing
the test indicator. There was some consensus that it be added, but 
we need to have clearer semantics defined w/r/t MSH handling REQUIRED
to be supported by an implementation. I'll try to get that to the
list today and put it to a list vote.

Issue 2: Content-Length.
It was agreed unanimously that it be removed from all but the HTTP
binding (transport-level header). 

Issue 3: apparently, no one had read my email on the matter. I'll
resend and put it to a formal vote on the list.

Issue 4: General consensus that Doug's comments had merit.
Doug will draft a formal proposal for sect 7.6 (charset) which will
reference sect 4.4.3 of the XML spec and the murata RFC
and draft (application/*+xml) so that the charset handling is consistent
with those specifications. That too will be put to a list vote.


org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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