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Subject: London F2F

Seasons greetings to 1 and all,

	I have arranged meeting facilities for a face to face in London for
Tuesday January 9 to Thursday 11.  I have a room for 20 people.  I am trying
to find us at least one block of rooms in a nearby Hotel at a reasonable
rate.  I have requested rooms for Monday night through to Thursday morning
(London is not as cheap as Dallas! expect US$120-150 per night).  I need a
good idea of numbers to get an accurate price, so if you are coming and want
me to arrange your hotel please e-mail me direct with your requirements,
dates, Smoking/non etc. This will not obligate you until I have a firm
price.  If you want to make your own arrangements, the meeting will be in
Milton Gate Moor Lane, London, EC2Y 9PB, this is near the Barbican centre
and Liverpool Street Station, on the edge of  the "City", "financial
district".  London has very good public transport and reliable taxis, DO NOT
hire cars (unless you like driving in Manhattan), getting around is easy.
Having a hotel close is not as important as meeting any other requirements,
i.e. partners, budget, wanting to be close to something else.

	I will need to have your name before the day or you may have
difficulty getting in the building as it is not my normal office.  I'll
repeat this after the holidays.  

	I'll post more info next week.

	If anyone wants more information or advice on airports,
hotels/districts etc. contact me. 

	The following is a colour map of the area that you can zoom out from
to see the surroundings.<sorry if it splits across a line>

Ian Jones
E-Commerce Engineer

Fax: +44 (0)29 2045 8781
Email: ian.c.jones@bt.com  

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