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Subject: proposal content of v0.9


Since I won't be able to get to the doc until
later (much!) today to apply the proposal highlighting
discussed in the call, here are the sections which
comprise the *proposed* changes that have not been
formally agreed as outlined in my previous email
regarding v0.9.

This will give some of you a head start in reviewing
changes if you don't or can't wait until later this 
evening for v0.9a which will include some means of
highlighting and change tracking enabled.



Chris' Manifest proposal - section 8.3 is wholly new
content, replacing v0.8 sect 7.8, that describes my 
revised Manifest proposal as was initially proposed
to the group in [1] and subsequently revised in [2].

Extension Mechanism proposal (Chris & Robert Adams) - 
this is scattered throughout section 8... The highlighted
version will explicitly call out these areas of proposed

ErrorList - David and I have proposed that rather than
place Errors as payload content (as is defined in v0.8)
that they be listed in the ebXMLHeader document. Section
8.8 describes this. Section 8.8 is basically the same
as was included in v0.8 as section 7.13 Error Handling
with the exception that there still exists a section 11
in v0.9 that describes Error Reporting and Handling
referencing section 8.8.

Section 6 is a proposed (and still incomplete!) revision
of the System Overview in v0.8 that is loosely based
on partial content of the Message Services section in 
the TA spec.

Section 9 is wholly new content that describes the proposed
MSH services for status query and PING jointly developed
by David and I and authored by David.

Section 10, Reliable Messaging replaces sections 7.11 and 7.12 
in version 0.8 and constitutes David's proposal for multi-hop
reliable messaging based on discussions in Tokyo.

Section 11, Error Handling, has been modified as previously
discussed. The errors themselves haven't changed, just
the packaging (from payload to header elements contained
within the *proposed* ErrorList child element of ebXMLHeader)

Section 12, Security is wholly new content which constitutes
an incomplete proposed change that addresses MSH and
message-level security. This replaces section 7.14 of v0.8.
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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