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Subject: RE: ebXML multi-hop messaging -- some additional thoughts

Phillipe -

This is a nice summary of several different interpretations of "hub". All 
too often, it is apparent that words like "hub" are used in conversations 
(and even arguments!) where the participants have different ideas of what 
they mean, but do not seem to realize that they have different ideas. Your 
discussion should help us understand each other.


However, I could not resist chiming in at this part:

 Hubs may also assist
in protocol conversions in those cases where interoperability between the
ebXML and other protocols is desired, assist in the tracking of business
process execution, etc. These are just some examples of how using a 'hub'
(or hubs) in the middle can be more than just routing messages. <snip>
In summary, I believe that there is a new breed of intermediaries or hubs
out there, with powerful capabilities that extend beyond mere routing of

Imagine - a "hub" doing protocol conversions, tracking business process   
execution, ...

If we keep going along this path, pretty soon we'll invent a new kind of 
network, one that does more than just route messages, one that also 
actually adds value ...

I know, we'll need a new TLA (Three Letter Acronym) - how about VAN (Value 
Added Network)???

Nahhhhhhhhhhh - it's never work....... Oh well.


Sorry - I just couldn't resist - I tried to -

(actually, I wanted to say it before Billy Joe - - er, I mean William J. 
Kammerer - - jumps in and says it!)

Joe Baran

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