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Subject: small comments on 1.0

Section -- minor technical
The default for "mustUnderstand" in the SOAP 1.1 spec it "true".  This
section specifies "false".  If the group has already had the discussion then
go with that, but I think we should try to be the closer to SOAP (and what
XP will hopefully do) than having subtle differences.

Section A.1 -- editorial
Section 8.2.2 says the "ebXMLHeader" element's contents is extensible but
the schema does not include the "<any>" element.

	Robert Adams
	MS JF3-212
	2111 NE 25th Ave
	Hillsboro, OR   97124    USA
	phone: +1.503.264.9424; cell: +1.503.709.3259; FAX: +1.503.264.3375

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