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Subject: Synchronous Exchanges Resolution


Here is a summary of the resolution to this issue, basing on our discussions during this morning's session:

1. The values for SyncReplyMode are renamed to reflect the new name "Signals" for what we referred to acknowledgments before.  The new values for "SyncReplyMode" are:

Where, signals are business level messages, including the "Delivery Receipt" and Receipt and Acceptance Acknowledgments etc., that the BP team is defining.

2. Of the two communication protocols that ebXML specifies, we are concerned with HTTP only at this point, since that is the only transport that can support synchronous exchanges.

3. MSH Acknowledgment (IntermediaryAck) if asked for, is always delivered synchronously. Hence the SyncReplyMode specification is limited to "Signals" and response messages only. That is, if SyncReplyMode is present, the MSH should wait for the response from the BusinessApplication prior to delivering the MSH level Acknowledgment (along with Signals and Response messages as applicable).

4. Based on several considerations, including enabling the MSH with ability to effectively convey the SyncReply requirements to the Application, it is decided that the SyncReplyMode will now be added to the "header" of ebXML messages (see below) as well as the CPA of course. However, it needs to be determined if the SyncReplyMode element should be added to the MessageHeader element or as a separate transport  specific section.

5. The Structure and example instance of the "header" instance of SyncReplyMode are shown below:

<!ELEMENT SynchronousMessagingInfo EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST SynchronousMessagingInfo
    syncReplyMode(SignalsOnly | ResponseOnly | SignalsAndResponse) #REQUIRED

<SynchronousMessagingInfo syncReplyMode=”ResponseOnly”>

6. It is proposed that this specification be part of the "DeliveryChannel" specification. However this needs to be finalized inconsultation with the TP folks. Here is an example excerpt of Delivery channel specification with the syncReplyMode part highlighted.

<DeliveryChannel channelId = "N04" transportId = "N05" docExchangeId = "N06">
       <Characteristics nonrepudiationOfOrigin = "true"
                        nonrepudiationOfReceipt = "true"
                        secureTransport = "true"
                        syncReplyMode = "SignalsAndResponse"
                        confidentiality = "true"
                        authenticated = "true"
                        authorized = "true"/>
       <ServiceBinding xlink:type = "locator"
              xlink:href = "http://www.ebxml.org/services/purchasing">Buy and Sell</ServiceBinding>

Best Regards,


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