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Subject: Re: Version 0.93 of the Message Service Spec


Technically, it is for the team's eyes only, but because
it is a public list, there isn't much that can
be done to prevent its circulation.

However, please do keep in mind that the draft is subject
to change. The plan of record is to produce a "final"
draft on or before March 19th that will be submitted to
the QR team for their review prior to releasing the document
for "public" review.



David Marshall wrote:
> "Burdett, David" wrote:
> > The attached zip file contains two PDF files:
> > 1. ebXML Message Service Specification v 0.93.pdf
> > 2. ebXML Message Service Specification v 0.93 (changes).pdf
> Given that the current specification for review on the ebXML site is still TR&P v0.21d what is the policy in
> distribution of an 'unofficial' draft such as the 0.93 working draft within vertical working groups?
> (Specifically the Open Travel Alliance).
> Thanks,
> David Marshall
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> David Marshall       mailto:dmarshall@vmguys.com
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