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Subject: Re: CPA and overrides

This is precisely my thinking on the matter as



"Moberg, Dale" wrote:
> > Hi...
> > Just wanted to comment on the conversation in yesterday's
> > conference call
> > relative to overriding the CPA.
> >
> > In the automotive industry, more companies *do not* engage in trading
> > partner agreements than do. So with that, AIAG would like to see:
> >
> > 1. Optional link to the CPA. We would like to have the
> > *option* to link
> > to/use a CPA, but we would rather it not be mandatory.
> CPA is not equal to TPA, of course. But isn't modularity of usage already
> required within ebXML? That is, the pieces are supposed to be
> usable independently, right?
> For example, CPPs and CPAs need not mention TRP packaging,
> security or transports. And ebXML messaging could occur without
> any CPA being exchanged (though not without some runtime stuff
> being setup...)
> The CPA/CPP is after all an _exchange_ format for interoperabilty
> profile information and some runtime configuration information.
> However, some of the information exchanged in a CPP/CPA at configuration
> time is made available to the run-time MSH processor. The access method to
> that
> runtime info has not been specified in any detail. The "CPAId" might, along
> with other info- From, To, Conversation, Service/Action --
> be enough to retrieve the records. I don't think anyone has for some time
> been proposing that the MSH always operate in a "stateless" manner (so that
> its behavior is totally specified by data found in the PDU).
> Or has this changed too?
> > 2. Optional override of the CPA.
> >
> I think the better thing to say would be to change the CPA
> or just stop using it or better avoid using it in the first place.
> If you can optionally override any aspect
> on a per message basis, I think you are asking for a level
> of anarchy incompatible with interoperability... If you can
> can change anything whenever you want,
> (send PGP instead of SMIME just to
> keep the other side on their toes)
> then don't bother using a CPA!
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