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Subject: Technical comments

8.5.3 ConversationId

I really dislike the fact that we are leaving this open to be totaly
implementation dependent.  I'm not fond of this element in the first place
but if we do really need it this is a place that will drive people crazy in
actual implementation. 

How about "recomending" something like we see in the example.

We RECOMEND that the content of the ConversationID string be a list of
MessageID the other messages included in the conversation seperated by a
delimiter.  The delimiter MUST be the first character of the string.

General ponderings

How much trouble are these "public" URI/URL's... we are mandating for those
of us who may not use the Public Internet for this stuff?  It is posible,
even likley, that an automotive OEM or supplier MSH will be on the ANX and
may not even be able to see the Internet. 

  -- Gary

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