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Subject: comments from doug bunting on v0.98b


Doug faxed me a marked up version of 0.98 which I have
transcribed into v0.98b line numbers and comments as I saw
appropriate. I have also sprinkled some of my own
comments as identified by CBF:

I omitted a bunch of comments on the schema itself because they did not
come through clearly on the fax. I would invite Doug to assist me
in applying his comments and expertise to the schema document I 
recently posted. 



David Fischer's entry in participants has a comma, s/b dash

editorial - line 89 - remove (under development)

minor technical - line 148 - figure has nothing to do with text

editorial - line 171 - add eb:Via to figure (CBF: either that or
	add eb:Etc...)

editorial/minor technical - line 221 - remove semicolon

editorial/minor technical - line 269 - technically, content-length is
	an HTTP header, not a MIME header

editorial - line 288/289 - suggest merging example here with that on
	line 308

minor technical - section beginning on line 318 - do we need xsi:schemaLocation
	attribute to identify where a validating parser would find
	the ebXML XSD? (CBF: I think that we do based on my exploration into
	validating ...)

editorial - lines 338 and 340 append "may be omitted" to each

editorial - line 392 - use of "physical location" questioned - Doug, I can't
	read the comment in the margin (fax truncated!)

CBF: minor technical - line 481 - example is incorrect. Should be:

editorial - line 488 - "The REQUIRED Timestamp ..."

CBF: minor technical - line 489 - XMLSchema now uses 'dateTime' instead of 'timeInstant'
	in PR draft. The problem we face is that most tools support the CR which used
	'timeInstant'! We are faced with a version skew problem w/r/t XMLSchema!

minor technical - line 499 - issue with use of RefToMessageId - David B is addressing
	this issue.

minor technical - line 706/707 - url:yadda is not a valid URL, s/b http:// or
	something that is a real URL. url: is not a valid scheme identifier

CBF/DB: minor technical - line 708 - replace Timestamp example with the one above
	Actually, all Timestamp examples are incorrect and need to be replaced
	with the correct form CCYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ

CBF: minor technical - various examples - version attributes in examples 
	have value of '98.0' WOW! we made a great deal of progress;-)
	These need to be changed to 1.0 anyway.

minor technical - line 910/911 - why not? remove this constraint to avoid 

editorial/minor technical - lines 937-941 - remove this as implementations
	may choose to do as they see fit. 

minor technical - section 8.8 - I think Doug is advocating application of the
	W3C NOTE on SOAP and Signatures? That we need mustUnderstand, actor, etc.

editorial/minor technical - line 980 - what is integrity?

minor technical - line 985 - why do we need id attribute on Manifest?

minorTechnical - line 992 - who? (CBF: I think this means "who" mustUnderstand)

CBF: minorTechnical - line 992 - we technically could remove mustUnderstand because
	all content of the SOAP:Body has an implied mustUnderstand=1 and an implied
	actor of 'final'

minor technical - line 1019 - why does Reference element have REQUIRED id attribute?

minor technical - line 1059 - should MimeProblem be LinkProblem?

minor technical - line 1068 - missing xml:lang from Description element

major technical - line 1117 - Acknowledgment element needs #wildcard to put Digest
	value. (CBF: Either that or an explicit reference to ds:DigestValue)

major technical - suggest that we remove type and signed attribute from 
	Acknowledgment element. (CBF: this relates to issue I raised with BP
	as regards DeliveryReceipt. I also agree that signed attribute adds no
	intrinsic value).

editorial - line 1216-1220 - sentence construction misleading
CBF: suggested replacement text:
	A Message Service Handler SHOULD respond to Message Status Requests for
	messages that have been sent reliably (see section 10) ...

	A Message Service Handler MAY respond to Message Status Requests for
	messages that have not been sent reliably...

editorial - line 1225 - replace ebXML Header with "SOAP Header"

editorial - line 1245 - replace ebXML Header with "SOAP Header and Body"

editorial - line 1274 - replace ebXML Header with "SOAP Header"

editorial - line 1289 - replace ebXML Header with "SOAP Header and Body"

minor technical - line 1334+ - suggest adding "complete response message" bullet

editorial - line 1345 - change 'determine' to 'indicate'

editorial - line 1375 - strike MSH

CBF: major/minor technical - I recommend that mshTimeAccuracy be eliminated. Its usefulness
	is suspect and it is not represented in CPA. Strike section 10.2.2 and the
	paragraph at lines 1374-1378

CBF: minor technical - line 1400, 1408, 1412 - XMLSchema timeDuration is now 'duration'

editorial - line 1436 - ... if it does not, or a transient error is returned, ...

minor technical - line 1479 - TraceHeader s/b Via

minor technical - line 1485-1496 - confusing mix of identifier and location values
	for From and To! 

CBF/DB: editorial - lines 1508-1516 - suggested replacement text:

	1) The Sending MSH MUST resend the original message if an Acknowledgment message
	has not been received within the time specified in the retryInterval parameter
	and the MSH has attempted to redeliver the message fewer times than are specified
	by the retries parameter.

editorial - lines 1531-1534 - remove note. too confusing. (CBF: I concur)

editorial - line 1547 - ... cannot be delivered, an intermediate MSH ...

editorial - lines 1620, 1623 - ebXMLHeader s/b SOAP Header

editorial/minor technical - line 1659 - remove last sentence... untrue must provide
	application with control over this...

editorial - line 1663 - stike 'then', replace with comma

CBF: editorial - line 1664, 1668, 1677 - replace 'ebXML Header' with 'SOAP Message'

major technical - lines 1693-1696 - NO, (CBF: I take this to mean that ebXML should
	not prescribe required support for SHA1?)

minor technical - line 1710 - ...List) and not (ancestor-or-self::Via)]

CBF/DB: editorial - lines 1712-1716 - replacement text:

This MAY either be the Content-Id URI of the MIME body part of the payload object,
or a URI that matches the Content-Location of the MIME body part of the payload object,
or a URI that resolves to an external payload object external to the Message Package.

editorial - example beginning line 1721 needs to be updated to reflect SOAP!
CBF: I'll take action to provide replacement example.

editorial - line 1779 - ... an ebXML Message with a way to authenticate ...

editorial - line 1820 - need explanation of table

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