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Subject: Persistent Signed Receipt - spec inconsistent

I've been working on including a DigestValue into a DeliveryReceipt and
spotted an inconsistency. In the security section (lines 1769-73) it says

>>>An ebXML Message that has been digitally signed MAY be acknowledged with
a DeliveryReceipt acknowledgment message that itself is digitally signed in
the manner described in the previous section. The acknowledgment message
MUST contain the **set**t of ds:DigestValue elements contained in the
ds:Signature element of the original message within the Acknowledgment

Including just the digest values doesn't work I think since a) there may be
multiple signatures, and b) you won't be able to work out which digest value
belongs to which references as the references aren't included. I propose
that either:
*	we include the complete signature (or list of signatures) from the
for the message for which a persistent signed receipt is being given, or
*	simplify this to a simple digest.

I propose we go for the latter and change lines 1769-73 as we do not have
time to do the former and the spec is currently inconsistent.



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