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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: Re: RosettaNet response to ebXML MSS 0.98b

> > 8. RNIF Delivery Header element isSecureTransportRequired is used by
> > an intermediary router, to select a secure transport mode (or not).
> > In the absense of this, router would have to have out-of-band
> > information (access to the parties' TPA or process specification)
> > to make this determination.  Suggest adding this indicator to
> > QualityOfServiceInfo.
> Good point.
> <DB>I agree, Chris, do you want to draft the suggested changes?</DB>

Sorry, I don't know the RosettaNet protocols.  What's meant by isSTR? 
Signed data, encrypted data, transient or long-term, or waht?  Could we
come up with a more descriptive term for ebXML?


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