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Subject: Re: section 6.3


That goes part way towards recommending a consistent value now and in
the future.  However, the text isn't clear on what "this feature"
means.  I'd replace "This feature,..." with "Use of multiple ebXML
versions in the same ebXML SOAP document,..."  The end of that phrase
could also be "instance,..."


--- Rik Drummond <rvd2@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> 6.3 ebXML Element Versioning
> Each ebXML element has an individual version attribute string, with a
> value
> that "normally" matches the ebXML Message Service Specification
> version
> level, to ensure elements may change in semantic meaning individually
> without changing the entire specification.
> This feature, while supported, should only be used in extreme cases
> where it
> becomes necessary to semantically change an element which can not
> wait for
> the next ebXML Message Service Specification version release.
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