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Subject: FW: (where) can I send comments and questions regarding ebXML-TRP ?

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-----Original Message-----
From: Aki Yoshida [mailto:akitoshi.yoshida@sap.com]
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2001 8:08 AM
To: Burdett, David
Cc: drummond@onramp.net; akitoshi.yoshida@sap.com
Subject: (where) can I send comments and questions regarding ebXML-TRP?

Dear ebXML-TRP Designers,

I probably have missed the deadline for turning in my comments or asking for
clarification for ebXML 0.98b.

I couldn't find somethind like an issue list at http://www.ebxml.org that
lists all the comments and questions raised during the reviews.  So, I don't
know if they have been already answered.

I am sending this mail directly to you, since I don't know if there is a
public mail address where I can send this mail to. I apologize for any

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Aki Yoshida
Comments and Clarification Questions on ebXML 0.98b, 13, March 2001

1. page 20
in 8.4.4 Service element.
The spec says the namespace uri:www.ebxml.org/messageService/ is reserved.
Is there any typo in this namespace? Are you not intending to use a URL so
that we keep an option of being able to put some description files there?

2. page 21
In MessageID element
The spec says the value of this element must conform to RFC2392 but the
localpart as defined in RFC2392 is implementation dependent.  There is an
example having the value "example.com.20001209-1333003-28572".

According to RFC2392, message-id is addr-spec as defined in RFC822 and there
this addr-spec is defined as local-part@domain, where both local-part and
domain are a sequence of words separated by '.'.

How can I interpret the value given in the above example?  Shouldn't it be

3. page 21
In Timestamp element
The syntax of the timestamp shown in the example doesn't comply with
XMLSchema's timeInstance [CR 2000-10-version] or dateTime[latest version].

4. page 23
In 8.4.8 SequenceNumber element
Is there any way to determine, given a sequence message, say the first one,
how many messages belong to this sequence?  You need to know this number so
that you can stop collecting the messages.  The spec doesn't talk about it.

5. page 25
In ReceiverURI element
Is the value of this element a concrete URL or could be a opaque URN?
Shouldn't it be a concrete URL., at least at this moment, if we want to have
a truely interoperable global infrastructure?

6. page 26
The example uses a strange URI for receiverURI.  Is this a typo? (This
relates to the question for Point 5 above.)

7. page 37
In 8.12.6 signed attribute
Isn't this attribute redundant?  If there is a signature, it is most likely
signed. Why do we need to signal it additionally?

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