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Subject: Calrification from the Editor - Duane Nickull

G'day mates!!

I have seen a lot of comments that refer to the release of the Technical
Architecture Specification released by our team this week.  There are some
very good ideas flowing around and we are pleased at the level of response
so far, however there is one persistant comment which needs to be clarified.

It rings to the tone of "To an outsider ..."   This Technical Architecture
Specification is not meant for a casual reader as much as it is for the
technical audience.  The Education, Marketing and Awareness Project Team
will write a more abstract level document, specifically geared towards
outsiders, that will explain the workings of ebXML for that audience.

We are striving to be specific and technical enough that we could give this
document to 10 different software vendors and they will each create one
suite of products which do the same thing,  not ten different products.

Having said that,  I also realize that there are shortcomings in this area.
If you are making a comment about clarification for a specific reader,
please keep this thread in mind and clarifiy your point.

Thank you once again for the great response!!!

Duane Nickull

President, Software Systems Architect
XML GLobal Technologies

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