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Subject: Re: ebXML will end up being too expensive for small business

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, William J. Kammerer wrote:

> Seen on comp.text.xml on 18 May 2000:  "ebXML will take another year,
> and will be the future platform for enterprise scale companies and
> entities...ebXML will end up being too expensive for small business, and
> very similar to EDI which preceded it," by Todd F. Boyle, at
> http://www.deja.com/getdoc.xp?AN=624807728&fmt=text.
> Can this possibly be true?  What have we wrought?  If only
> "enterprise-scale" entities can use it, what about ebXML's promise to
> bring B2B interoperability to the masses?

This is why some of us want to keep everything very accessable, by using
vanilla technology for ebXML, such as
HTTP, SSL, non-ebxml-specific-encryption, De-centralized repository and
registry design.  Sure, we could make some lofty solution using any number
of ISO????? standards, hardware encryption, etc, etc, etc, but we
shouldn't.  ebXML should just address the core stuff, ie, how data is
represented and exchanged.  If it is done that way, everyone can use
ebXML, and other more complicated and expensive add-ons can be added as
options and used by those that need them.

If this matter is not resolved, you will have EDI+arrow brackets, and
someone will have to come back and achieve ebXML's goals in another

My two cents.

Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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